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It is a system with vegetation, installed on a support that keeps the plants precisely distributed on a vertical surface. It is different from a green wall as this can be achieved through the use of vines and traditional gardening.

The WallGreen vertical garden is a system made from plastics taken from the ocean (100% recycled/recyclable), which provides greater durability and resistance compared to other systems. It is an ecological and sustainable system, which incorporates an automatic irrigation system (drip irrigation), which guarantees a reduction in water consumption.

Natural vertical gardens have a set of benefits that artificial gardens do not have:

  • They provide a sound insulation effect due to the plants' ability to absorb sound;
  • They promote the improvement of air quality, due to the filtering of fine particles in suspension;
  • They provide an increase in thermal comfort, working as natural temperature regulators;
  • There is also evidence that living with nature constitutes physical and psychological benefits for human health, causing a decrease in stress levels and an increase in the sense of comfort and well-being;

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